When should you consider a laser eye surgery?

Tired of dealing with glasses? Is allergy season making it unbearable to wear you contacts? Are constant trips to the optometrist or eye doctor starting to take a hit on the pocketbook? Then Lasik might be the best option yet! What does that mean? Well, Lasik is the process of correcting eyesight to 20/20 by utilizing a state of the art laser technology and right now it is the fastest growing trend in eye care. Not only that, the process of obtaining corrective surgery has been enhanced over the last decade to provide you with a safe, efficient, fast, and most importantly affordable procedure. You just have to pay for the surgery once and you never have to mess with corrective lenses again.

So, what makes it better than contacts or glasses? First of all, there is no maintenance. You don’t have to continually order contacts, get new glasses, go in for eye exams, or look for the old pair of reading glasses. Lasik is drastically more accurate than either glasses or contacts. Both of which are only an estimation of your eyesight. Eye doctors can only get close to you eye needs. Whereas Lasik is able to pinpoint your eye sight back to 20/20 in order for you to have perfect vision. This way you never have to worry about any kind of follow up surgery or consultation. Once you are finished with Lasik, that is the end of your eye needs.

Lasik works by correcting the refractive error in the eye, which is what causes someone to have bad eyesight. Essentially, Lasik corrects this error in how your eye focuses. This means that instead of over-focusing or not being able to focus enough which happens when you need corrective lenses, the focus level is brought back to normal and perfect vision is restored. Using a laser to re-shape the cornea in such a way does this that the eye no longer has trouble focusing. Not to mention a surgeon who is trained in the field of optical medicine does this surgery and they must go through many of hours of rigorous training before becoming qualified.

Many people are candidates for laser eye surgery, but some things can cause issues. One of the main things that gets in the way of someone getting Lasik is the cost. The surgery costs somewhere between 1,000 and 3,000 dollars depending on the area you live. However, over the course of a lifetime it is much less than continually buying corrective lenses and now, many companies have a Lasik plan in their health insurance – so ask your HR department if it is included. If not, many doctors have payment plans. Also, those people who are involved in heavy contact sports or have a job which requires a great deal of impact to the body are not technically good candidates. Nor are people with autoimmune diseases, however, you should check with you doctor first. However, one of the big false-rumors about Lasik is that you must be between certain ages – which is false. There is no age limit to getting Lasik. Usually if you are over the age of 18, you are eligible for the surgery. The best thing to do in order to find out if you are a candidate is to ask your eye doctor at your next visit and they will run a series of basic tests to ensure you are eligible. Many eye doctors are also Lasik-approved, so check in your area and get on the fast track to being free of corrective lenses!

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