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How to get rid of Smell Behind Ear – Odor behind Earlobe

Did you ever rub your finger behind your ear and accidentally smelled your finger and noticed an unpleasant smell, which some people compare it to the smell of Swiss cheese coming behind ears? This is sometimes a very stinky smell behind earlobes, its the smell that actually occurs in oily parts of body if mixed with bacteria. In other words, bacterial growth in oily parts can cause smell.

This is the smell that police dogs use to chase, the smell of a person especially if he has some bacterial issues, not the smell of perfume. Some people have it more prominent than others and there is very little a person can do to resolve this, however we will tell you how to almost get rid of it.

Some people use alcohol, especially few females use to take an alcohol pad and use it often. Mostly others won’t notice the odor behind your ear except you, if you rub a finger there, one can almost always detect some scent. It is almost certainly noticeable only to you, because you are self-conscious about it. Others would have to have their nose behind your ear – unlikely.

The odor behind your ears is due to oil-producing glands. These glands produce an oily fat called sebum. The body produces sebum naturally. Sebum in itself is odorless but its bacterial disintegration produces a smell.
These odors are most prominent in oily areas of the skin like the face, behind the ears, under the arms, around the nipples and at the groin. These are all natural odors the human body produces without will.

Getting Rid of Smell Behind Ears

Lets get to the fix, it is very simple and it will require some days. The fix is to keep the area clean and non oily. Oil will gather all kind of dust and bacteria and stick it in your skin, you need to make the oil go away. For that you need to take a shower daily, two times a day is even better. Keep these points in mind when you shower.

Use shampoo, and when you clean shampoo from hair, kindly remove all shampoo completely from ears, giving them a good rinse with fingers, clearing all the oil along with shampoo.

Often we are left with shampoo bubbles behind ear and we clean it with tower afterwards, but make sure you clean it with water and fingers first.

At-least 3 to 4 times a day, clean your ears completely with wet fingers, don’t let scalp and dandruff appear on your skin. You will see immediate effect after you apply these two simple cures.

For short its

a) 1-2 times shower with 1 time at-least shampoo and clearing shampoo from ear, focus on clearing ear oil.

b) Clean behind the ear with wet fingers and water. This will also help you restrict scalp forming.