New Advancements in Chronic Pain Management

It has been estimated that chronic pain affects 1.5 billion people around the world. In U.S. alone the number is around 100 million. While there are no effective treatment options, there are ways to relieve the pain, some options being more effective that the others. Treatment options for chronic pain vary from over the counter meds to physical therapy, prescription drugs as well as surgery. Additionally there is also SCS which has shown good results in relieving pain.

What is it?
It’s a reversible therapy that send electrical impulses along the spinal cord, masking the pain message that travels to the brain. The pain message is replaced with soothing, tingling sensation. SCS can be used for chronic pain in limbs, also pain associated with failed back surgery, low pack pain and so on. For more information where and how it can be used see And there’s also a new Precision Spectra SCS System available, system that has more contact points and more power sources than any SCS system below, making it more flexible and give physicians more choices to treat the pain.

What are the causes of chronic pain?
In the U.S. roughly 1/4 of the people suffer from chronic pain due to diabetes, another 1/4 due to heart disease and stroke, another 1/4 have frequent back pain and roughly 1/10 have due to cancer. However, for many patients, the chronic pain becomes a disease in its own right soon after.

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