Head Lice Management And Treatment at Home

Head lice is a common phenomenon among school-aged children. This is according to a national survey carried out recently on behalf of Sanofi Pasteur, which also revealed that most moms are very ignorant of the whole occurrence. This has led to many question marks on pediatricians who would like to educate these young women about head lice.

According to a remark by one family nurse practitioner, Susan Catchings, “Head lice are common, so it is important for moms to get smart about the facts. A family doctor, pediatrician or other healthcare provider can help treat infestations.”

The study, conducted by Harris Poll, also concluded how moms feel frustrated when one of their own is infested by lice. This is because they have no sure knowledge of how they can deal with it or prevent it from spreading. However, CDC has let out some guidelines to advise and educate them about it. They have advised home fumigation, laundering of linens using hot water and avoiding insecticide sprays.

A promising treatment option for moms to consider, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in February 2012, is the Sklice treatment option (Lotion, 0.5%, learn more at www.Sklice.com).

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